School toilets as a source of infection

Firstly, it’s important to define what is the bathroom. This is a place to cover needs and any type of personal hygiene. However, school toilets have popularity worldwide to be a source of infection because of their bad condition, they usually never have water, the tops of the toilets are deplorable, they are frequently broken or do not have them, the doors are in poor condition and do not close, and the keys of the sink do not work, these are the most common problems of the bathrooms adding that they do not receive cleaning adequately and usually dirty and consequently smell bad. The excuse of inefficiency in cleaning is that users do not take care of their cleanliness and therefore do not clean themselves, “it is a waste of time if they are going to make it dirty again.”

There are studies carried out by several organizations that the poor state and management of the small toilets make these a true focus of infections. A single gram of feces can contain 10 million viruses, one million bacteria, a thousand parasites, diarrhea, malnutrition, and respiratory diseases, among others, causing that students or even teachers miss school. In the case of girls, the lack of the necessary conditions for their hygiene during menstruation also forces them to skip school for days.

Even so, it is used as a place of entertainment, and a chat center. Of course, bathroom rules are flexible to the needs of students, real needs. Occasionally, it is noticed the absence of mirrors, which is for security reasons to avoid accidents in the bathrooms, another restriction would be the lack of toilet paper because the users wasted it and used it to cover the toilets or to dirty the bathroom facilities and institution.

Therefore, habit and programs to control and maintain personal hygiene must be created, since it is an integral part of growth, the role of education is crucial to establishing good habits. However, many children and adolescents completely avoid using the school toilet, which can result in concentration problems, constipation, and bedwetting, these symptoms can be a consequence of stress or speeding up the process. To combat these problems, it is important to be attentive and pay attention to the signals that the body gives and think about things like posture, what is sought is to highlight the problems that can arise when avoiding going to the school bathroom, and also encourage the Improvement of hygiene in public spaces.

These situations must be tackled to ensure that all school bathrooms are adequately equipped and clean and that parents and teachers receive the necessary education and information on the needs of children and hygiene at school to improve Hygiene level since from a health perspective it is important to teach good hygiene habits since children are young. Research and surveys have been carried out and the results have made it known that there are a large number of adults who wash their hands incorrectly or do not wash them after using the bathroom.

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