how to clean the inside of a school bus

School buses ought to be always clean. This is because parents, as well as kids, want to feel at peace when inside it. Parents while enrolling their kids into a school will always want to ensure that the kid is in a safe and in a clean bus as they get to school or home. This means that the bus should be cleaned on a regular basis. The bus being clean inside means that the kids stay in n environment that is healthy for accommodation while on rains to either school or home.

Just how do you clean the inside of a bus? Cleaning is one thing but getting perfect clean ou of it is another thing. As you clean you need to always ensure that you follow the following steps to get a perfect clean. As soon as you have the bus parked near a water source this is what yo need to do:

1.  Pick up trash

The first thing you need to do is pick up trash inside.Kids are it messy and his is something that you cannot avoid.This hence meas that you will tend to bear with the little ones and just let them be. Restricting them to not drop things down can be quite unsuccessful. This however doesn’t mean that you should not show them the importance of a clean bus. You need to have a bin inside so that they can trash the wastes in.Meanwhile as you clean you should first start by picking up the mess that is down. You can use broom to sweep through he loo then pick the mess.

2. Dust the surfaces

Once you are done sweeping and picking up the wastes, you can now dust off the surfaces. They include the chairs, windows, drivers part, dashboard as well as the door. The reason why you need to dust is so that as you clean these surface you will have an easier time rather cleaning it while the dust is still on. As you clean make sure you use a dump cloth to get the dust off. After you are done dusting always ensure that you counter check if ou have don thorough dusting from the top part of the bus to the little surfaces.

2. Clean upper surfaces

As start the cleaning make sure you stat by the upper surfaces like seats, bus interior roof. This will help you get the job done easily because you will have completed the upper parts then the lower surface.The dirt will get to the lower surface and hence you will clean the lower surfaces only ones. As you clean start with the roof first. Use the right detergents so that you do not alter with the paint of the bus. Yo are cleaning and not getting rid of the paint this hence means that you need to check on your detergents pH. Once done with the roof get to whats below it be it the bag rack or windows. Clean them also with the right detergents and as ou clean dry them with a clean cloth. The upper surfaces may also include the driver area. This should always be clean they are the face of the bus. The buses driver area portrays alot about the entire interior this hence mean that it should always be clean.

3. Clean lower area

This includes the floor area. This is the most dirtiest part of the bus as people step on it with all sorts of dirt collected from shoes. This hence means that this is where you need to do a thorough clean. You should bring your whole energy with you while cleaning the buses interior floor. This is because you need it to be sparkling clean. As you clean the floor always ensure that you use horse pipe to water rather than a bucket. This will be more effective and will save you lot of energy. As you clean use a brush. One with a long stick attached to so that you do not keep on bending as you clean. Use the right detergent to clean and soak the floor. Scrub with the brush hard enough to clean well.As you clean always use clean water. Once you are done clean now rinse the bus floor with clean water using your horse pipe. After cleaning wipe off the water using a rug. This entails also the areas such a seats that have gotten water.Make sure as you step out you leave each surface dry.

Once you do this lave the windows and doors open so that the bus can dry naturally and get well aerated.

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