how much does a school bus weigh

We all have been traveling on buses for a very long time. Some of us have been going to school and colleges on buses. Some of us have been going to university on the buses. The fact is, for some of us buses have been an integral part of our lives. But, have you ever wondered how much does a school bus weight. Well, this is a question that might never have crossed your mind. Gone are the days when people would be relying on word of mouth for any sort of information. Thanks to the power of internet and information technology, it is now possible to extract any kind of information within a short span of time.

Types of Buses

Buses fall under four types:

  • Type A
  • Type B
  • Type C
  • Type D

These types of buses from Type A to Type D can be anywhere between 6000 pounds to more than 3000 pounds. The weight would also depend on the number of passengers carried by a typical bus. The smallest would be Type A as there would be fewer but more than 10 passengers; however, the most number of passengers would fall under the Type D.

Conventional School Bus Weight

A conventional school bus falls under the category of Type C. According to School Transportation News, it would weigh anywhere from between 19501 pounds to 26000 pounds. Now, that you are aware of the conventional school bus weight, you can proudly tell others. Spread general information as you never know what knowledge might come handy at any point in life.

You can also do your own calculation if you are aware of the individual weights of different components that make up a conventional school bus. Similarly, you would be interested in knowing the length of the school bus as well. The length varies and it could possibly be 45 feet in length. There had been a time in history when school buses were not common and rather some carriages with horses were used. These were known as the school trucks. It is interesting to know how time has changed and things have evolved over the years. With technological advancement there is a new model of the vehicles launched in the market. You can get an idea on the estimated cost of the school bus by doing a little search online.

Final Words

It is important to keep in mind that there is no definitive weight associated with a school bus. It would depend on what type of bus it is. You can easily recognize a school bus on the road as it is bright yellow in color and transports many students throughout the year. There are many memories attached to a school bus especially when we grow up. Seeing a bus even as a grown up can excite you and there comes a time when you start sending your kids to school in the school buses. This is how life is!

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